Natural Satin Spar Selenite plate

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This Sri Yantra Selenite Grid Plate combines the power of Selenite crystal, a typical grid plate, and symbolic design. The result is an extra-special crystal grid plate that you can use to cleanse, charge, and activate any crystal grid layout for any intention.

The Sri Yantra Selenite Plate represents the timeless creative principle of the universe. The use of this sacred geometry symbol is a very powerful means by which an individual may bring divine blessings into their life. The three-dimensional form of the Sri Yantra, dating back to 3000 B.C., is a multi-pyramid grid signifying unlimited abundance and positive powers, and helps to clear negative energy. Working with, or even seeing, this sacred geometrical symbol is thought to bring affluence, abundance, blessings and love into your life.

630g.  4.7"×5.2"